Spigadoro Inc. was founded in December 1999, following the merger between the private company Spigadoro NV and the company listed on the Nasdaq, IAT Multimedia, Inc. The company is the main subsidiary of Petrini SpA (the Italian agri-food company specializing in the manufacturing and selling of pasta and animal feeds) which was founded in the year 1822, and headquartered in Bastia Umbra, Perugia, Italy. Spigadoro intends to pursue a strategy of growth through acquisitions of companies with complementary activities to those of Petrini (particularly in the pulps and feeds), developing the marketing of the products belonging to the so-called "Mediterranean diet".

Although the origins of the mill Petrini date back to the late eighteenth century, the official data which was regularly recorded in the census register mentioned about a "grain mill" established in the district of Le Basse in Bastia Umbra, Perugia. The old and rudimentary mill was located on the banks of the river Chiasco, whose waters pushed the blades of a large wheel and produced mechanical energy required to drive the primordial grinder stone. The old paddle wheel was later replaced by a large turbine that turned the hydraulic energy into electricity.

The power plant, which was the first in Italy, also supplied the energy to the various municipalities of the province, including that of Bastia. With the use of traditional bronze dies, pasta Spigadoro has rougher surface and retains sauces better. For this, Spigadoro became part of the Club of Great Italian Pasta. In the evolution of the peoples' lifestyles and eating habits, the Spigadoro, which always aimed for the highest of quality, has continued to meet an increasing number of consumers. Today, its pulp is being exported to over 60 countries worldwide.